Fumeina kaze ni bōken (Meaning:Adventure into Unknow Wind) is a Adventure,Comedy and Fantasy Fanfic Series on Archive of Our Own and also a Crossover of Sonic (both Games and Sonic X),NiGHTS,Kirby,Meat Boy,Vocaloid and Creepypasta.It's currently on the First Season.

Story (First Season-Incomplete)Edit

Zalgo and all the Other Creepypasta Characters plan to Put the Gaming Kingdom was they Target and all they Inhabitants are Non-informed about that.


Season ListEdit

  • Season 1 (Unfinished)

Saga ListEdit

  • Shine Saga (Episode 1-Episode ??)

Episode ListEdit

  • Episode 1~Name Coming Soon (Season 1)



  • (Coming Soon)


  • (Coming Soon)


  • (Coming Soon)

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