Unknow Wind is the "Opening Theme" of Fumeina kaze ni bōken and one of the Things in-Common of the Episodes.This song feature the Voices of all the Feature Protagonist's and It's Instrumental is a Mix of Daughter of Evil (Vocaloid),Crystal Choir (NiGHTS:Journey of Dreams) and Aquarium Park Act 1 (Sonic Colours DS Ver).


(Sonic) The wind is flying,

The unknow Wind is going

(NiGHTS) And we are going

to Follow it until the End


(Kagamine Rin and Len) That evil must be thrown

And we gonna help in that

(All the Five Vocaloids) With our new Powers

and the Hope in our Hearth

(All the Heroes) The Unknow Wind will

Guide Us and the Light

We don't know who will win

But we hope that will be us


(All the Heroes) The Journey to the Unknow Wiiiind... (x6)

Fumeina kaze ni bōken!

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